Derayah Financial Announces Q2 2023G Cash Distribution for Unitholders of Derayah REIT

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IntroductionDerayah Financial announces Q2 2023G cash distribution for unitholders of Derayah REIT as per the following:
Dividends maturity periodThe entitlement of cash distribution at the closing of trading on 16/07/2023G (“Entitlement Date”) shall be for the unitholders registered in the register of the Securities Depository Center Company (Edaa) by the end of the 2nd trading day following entitlement date.
Total distributed dividends10,750,704 SAR
Number of Outstanding Units on which Cash Distributions will be Distributed1,075,077,035
Amount of Dividends Distributed per Unit0.100 SAR
Distribution Ratio of the Net Assets Value (%)1.22 %
Distribution Ratio of the Net Assets Value as of2022-12-31 Corresponding to 1444-06-07
Cash Distribution Entitlements to Unitholders Shall be Based on the Unitholder Register on the End of2023-07-16 Corresponding to 1444-12-28
Distributions will be paid (number of days)Cash distribution will be paid within 39 working days from the entitlement date, on 07/09/2023G
Additional InformationThe Fund Manager also would like to remind unitholders to update their bank account information in order to ensure depositing the outstanding distribution to their accounts directly.