Derayah Financial Announces Q2 2022G Cash Distribution for Unitholders of Derayah REIT

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IntroductionDerayah Financial announces Q2 2022G cash distribution for unitholders of Derayah REIT as per the following:
Type of DistributionCash distribution
Dividends maturity periodThe entitlement of cash distribution at the closing of trading on 17/07/2022G (“Entitlement Date”) shall be for the unitholders registered in the register of the Securities Depository Center Company (Edaa) by the end of the 2nd trading day following entitlement date.
Total distributed dividendsTotal cash distribution is SAR19,351,266
Number of Outstanding Units on which Cash Dividends will be Distributed107507035
The amount of dividends distributed for each unit (SAR)0.180
Percentage of Dividend to the Unit’s Initial Price (%)1.80%
Percentage of distribution ratio of the Net Assets Value (%)2.13%
Percentage of distribution ratio of the Net Assets as of31/12/2021 Corresponding to 27/05/1443H
The cash distributions entitlement will be for unitholders as per the unitholders register on the end of17/07/2022 Corresponding to 18/12/1443H
Dividends Payment DateCash distribution will be paid within 20 working days from the entitlement date, on 11/08/2022G
Additional InformationSecurities Depository Center Company (“Edaa”) will distribute dividends to eligible Unitholders through direct transfer to their bank accounts linked to investment portfolios.

We would like to draw the attention of non-resident investors that the cash dividends transferred through the resident financial intermediary are subject when transferred or credited to their bank account to a 5% withholding tax in accordance with the provisions of Article (68) of the Income Tax Law and Article (63) of its Implementing Regulations.