Derayah Financial Announces Q3 2019 Cash Distribution for Unitholders of Derayah REIT

Derayah Financial announces Q3 2019 cash distribution for unitholders of Derayah REIT as per the following:

  • Total cash distribution is SR20,060,000/-
  • The distribution is based on the outstanding number of units which is 107,507,035 units
  • Cash distribution is SR0.187 per unit, 1.87% relative to the IPO price, or 1.91% relative to NAV of Derayah REIT as of 30/06/2019G
  • The entitlement of cash distribution at the closing of trading on 15/10/2019G shall be for the unit holders registered in the register of the securities Depository Center Company (Edaa) by the end of the 2nd trading day following entitlement date.
  • Cash distribution will be paid within (1) day
  • Cash distribution will be paid on 31/10/2019G

Further, the Fund Manager would like to remind the unitholders to update their details with their banks to ensure a smooth payment process.