Derayah Financial Announces Q3 2018 Cash Distribution for Unitholders of Derayah REIT

Derayah Financial announces Q3 2018 cash distribution for unitholders of Derayah REIT for the entitlement period starting from 17/10/1439H corresponding to 01/07/2018G until 20/01/1440H corresponding to 30/09/2018G (92 days only) as per the following:


– Total cash distribution is SR19,406,800
– The distribution is based on the outstanding number of units which is 107,507,035 units
– Cash distribution is SR0.181 per unit, or 1.81% relative to the IPO price.
– The cash distribution entitlement for the unitholders will be as per the unitholder registry at the closing of trading on Sunday 20/01/1440H corresponding to 30/09/2018G
– Cash distribution will be paid within 30 days from entitlement date


Further, the Fund Manager would like to remind the unitholders to update their details with their banks to ensure a smooth payment process.