Derayah Financial Announces a Change in the membership of the Board of Directors of Derayah REIT Fund

Derayah Financial Company announces a change in the membership of the board of directors of Derayah REIT Fund due to the resignation of the Board Member Mr. Bassam Abdulaziz Noor (Non-Independent member) commencing from 01/06/1445H corresponding to 14/12/2023G.

The Board of directors after the change will be:

1.      Mohammed Saeed AlShammasi (Chairman of the board member, non-independent member)

2.      Bilal Khaled Bushnaq (Non-Independent member)

3.      Abdulwahab Saeed AlSayed (Non-Independent member)

4.      Mishaal Ammar AlKhudairy (Independent Member)

5.      Haitham Rashid AlMubarak (Independent Member)