Derayah Financial Announces the Availability of the Interim Financial Report of Derayah REIT for the Period Ending on 30/06/2021 to the Public

Derayah Financial announces the availability of the interim financial report for Derayah REIT, and below is a summary of the interim financial results for the period ending on 30/06/2021:


Net Assets at the End of the Period: SR930,542,875


Total Expenses and Fees for the Period: SR20,160,750


Net Profit/(Loss) for the Period: SR27,292,662


Number of the Outstanding Units at the End of Period: 107,507,035 Unit


Net Unit Value: 8.68


Revenue of the period %: 3.84%


Hyperlink to Financial Statements: Link


Additional Information:

– Net assets value per unit SR.8.68 based on fair valuation

– Return for the period %3.84 relative to IPO price and %2.90 relative to market price as of 30/06/2021