Addendum Announcement from Derayah Financial the Fund Manager of Derayah REIT on signing an acquisition agreement for a logistics complex in Riyadh

Date of the Previous Announcement: 2019-07-21 Corresponding to 1440-11-18


URL of the Previous Announcement: Click Here


Change Details: Further to Derayah Financial announcement published on 21/07/2020, Derayah financial would like to announce the transfer of a logistics complex in Riyadh on Tuesday 13/01/1442 corresponding to 01/09/2020 as the legal and technical procedures were completed successfully. The purchase price is SR140 million which was funded through the available banking facility for Derayah REIT.


The Impact Caused by the Change: It is expected that the results of the acquisition will be positive on Derayah REIT’s financial performance in the fourth quarter of 2020.