Announcement by Derayah Financial for providing the public with the interim financial statements of Derayah REIT Fund ’s for the period ending on ( 2023-06-30 ) are available to the public

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IntroductionDerayah Financial announces the availability of the interim financial report for Derayah REIT, and below is a summary of the interim financial results for the period ending on 30/06/2023
Net Assets852,680,408 SAR
Total Expenses and Fees51,054,120 SAR
Net Profit/(Loss)-2,264,598 SAR
Number of the Outstanding Units107,507,035
Net Unit Value for Unit7.93 SAR
Revenue of the period %2.52 %
Fund’s Interim Financial Statementshttps://www.saudiexchange.sa/wps/portal/saudiexchange/newsandreports/issuer-news/issuer-announcements/issuer-announcements-details/!ut/p/z1/jZHNjoIwFIWfZRZu7RWk4OyqImIERGCEbkwZGSThL4ga336qJpMBxdhdc79zes4toshHNGenJGZ1UuQs5feA4q1EMAhzBSyYuxPA4GjYc5XBVBfRpgloM0EFezYa21NVG4AmI_p_bJGRzMeLsaYvibhwhbYenJXEgZUhLmENGuCmvut96DgE3tP_AYqhYbBNYluCLIH29YaeNpEnG2h5PFa8Aa86vEwh4DbQXLOCHzI81lwgGqdFeP_yfV2Xnz3oQc127HxMezzCd5GVLL84lywsODQUxdEVJXkoKjGiVfQTVVHVP1Z8eNUfbgbn87kfF0WcRn1uwH2eSPbFoUZ-k-xKwfJ8wjg96Ab0HfJlaSgJyGEVCvj_yp2rszFyrrshpml55kQ1VNPdmp4xVtcouJvQdvXgVr3MPM_zIdGTVbZRaim8iOlpX54M8vHxCwpQyE4!/dz/d5/L0lHSkovd0RNQU5rQUVnQSEhLzROVkUvZW4!/
Additional InformationNet assets value per unit SR.8.42 based on fair valuation.


– Revenue of the period is the percentage of dividend for the period from 1 Jan 2023 to 30 June 2023 at Par Value: 2.52%.


– Total dividends for the period 1st Jan 2023 to 30th June 2023 equal to SAR 27,091,773.